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Q. Is there any considerations regarding building regulations?

Your garden room building regulations are separate from planning permission. The latter covers WHAT can be constructed whereas building regulations are concerned with HOW the structure is designed and built. Most garden studios and offices up to 30m2 floor area are exempt from the majority of building regulations so long as they are not going to be used for sleeping accommodation. This leads some companies which sell lesser structures (log cabins, insulated summerhouses and the like) to claim their sheds “meet building regulations” when in reality what they mean is “our buildings don’t have to comply with building regulations”.

At Luxury Garden Buildings UK, we believe our garden rooms should be designed and built to the same quality as modern houses that you would choose to live in all year round. It is, after all, an extension of your home that you and your family will use for many years to come. Hence we use substantial, though non-invasive foundations, high specification structure and joinery, all of which are backed up by a 7 year insurance-backed structural warranty at an additional cost.

Garden room and office building regulations which do still apply:

  • Part P covers the safety of electrical installations and as such, we obtain the appropriate installation certification on your behalf.

  • To satisfy fire safety requirements, studios between 15m2 and 30m2 floor area need to be installed with a minimum 1m gap between the building and your boundary. Alternatively we can build your garden office as close as is physically possible by adding an extra fire-proofing layer to your structure – your studio designer will advise on this aspect and additional charges are payable, though it does mean you can make the most of all space in your garden.

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