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Foundation Design & Recommendation 

Ground Screws

Save time and money with ground screws!

We install ground screws for mounting everything from decks and fences to park benches and noise barriers and garden rooms. The work is performed by our  authorised installers across the UK. Before installing the screws, we pre-drill a hole in the ground to ensure secure and accurate installation. Small stones move out of the way during drilling, and stones of up to 30 cm are broken up. If we hit bedrock, we drill and put in spikes instead, just like we have always done. Ground screws can be installed anywhere you normally dig to concrete in an upright post or site a prefabricated concrete support.

Ground screws for multiple applications

Our method and screws are also approved for large installations. We can put in screws where a fence, deck, smaller building or carport is to be built. But we can also install them on larger constructions such as noise barriers or single-story garden buildings. Other areas of application are park benches, bicycle parking racks, bins and signage. We have over 10 different models of screw depending on the foundation and what is to be installed. We also have several special adaptors that are used when installing site hoardings, Heras® fencing or flagpoles, for example

No damage to grass, tarmac or paving

When we put in ground screws, you avoid having your lawn or paving dug up to cast or put in a concrete foundation. If, for example, you have cobblestones, we just lift out the stone where the screw is to sit and drill there. We can even put a screw straight through an existing wooden deck or through tarmac, pre-boring with an 80 mm drill. This naturally saves a great deal of time and money. Not having to cast footings also means that installation work can begin as soon as the screws are in place. We can even put in ground screws in winter

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