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UPVC windows


Our black wood grain windows go perfect with our Canadian Western Red Cedar cladding. We also supply aluminium and timber doors with up to 10 years warranty

Attention to detail


Is everything, our design team give it their all when it comes to planning your perfect garden room but we have to give it to our fitters for the master craftmanship that goes into the attention to detail on our garden buildings.

Its whats on the inside that



Its not all about looking pretty when it comes to ensuring your building is proforming to its best ability. Our specially designed heat retaining walls at 200mm thick with isulated pannels will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our silver vapour foil barrier is designed to stop any moisture from every day use getting into your strucural Framework



Internally boarded and plastered buy our skilled plasterer. finished in your choice of paint, skirtingboards and laminate flooring giving you that real home from home feeling.  

Cladding that is designed to protect your building.


Our specially designed tounge and groove cladding repels any water that may be running down the surface of the building. Protected with a green waterproof membrane for that extra water tight precution. Timber battens are fitted to create a airflow behind the cladding to ensure no moisture is forming on your strucural frame work.

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