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Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Garden Room Cladding

As building design goes we like to ensure our customers are fully aware of all the options that are available. There are many types from timber to composite or even renders or concrete fibre board. The cladding is designed to protect your structure from water and every day usage. We recommend that all our customers take into consideration all types of cladding so that they will suit your every day requirements and make the building more aesthetically pleasing for yourself.

Cedral Click is Marley Eternit's innovative new low maintenance, fibre cement tongue and groove weatherboard product to the UK. The range offers a contemporary take on the traditional style of Cedral Weatherboard.

The range features the appealing textured surface finish and performance benefits of fibre cement weatherboard and is fitted in a contemporary flat finish. Cedral Click will therefore appeal to those looking for the enduring weatherboard style, but which compliments a modern architectural aesthetic.

Fitted using a simple clip system, it is easy and quick to install making it ideal for both new and refurbishment projects where time constraints are a factor.

British Western Red Cedar is the ideal choice for those where either budget is a deciding factor or you value a locally grown low carbon footprint product.

British Western Red Cedar cladding offers the same durability and ease of working as its Canadian counterpart, although does present a more rustic, knotty finish that is paler and more even in colour.

Ease of sourcing, immediacy of dispatch and consistency of price also favour British Western Red Cedar.

Canadian Western Red Cedar is the ‘gold standard’ for exterior timber cladding projects in the UK. The reason is simple – it is the perfect material for the job because of its amazing look, ease of working, natural durability and stability.

Canadian Western Red Cedar is much slower grown than its UK counterpart resulting in a denser, darker wood with a more varied colour palette. It also renowned for offering a cladding that is completely clear and free of imperfections.

Oak cladding is supplied in a naturally warm, light sandy shade. This species weathers slowly, eventually turning to a shade of silver/grey. 

There are relatively few knots in the wood and it has attractive figuring, therefore this species may be considered if you are looking for a clean and contemporary look. Oak is a traditional cladding material, this is due primarily to an excellent level of durability, particularly when compared to other temperate hardwoods. Oak cladding is sourced exclusively from Europe, ensuring a consistently high quality of product.

Render is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement, stone, or mud brick. It is often textured, coloured, or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior walls and can be used to make your garden room watertight.

UPVC cladding can enhance the appearance of your garden rooms. It provides an attractive, low-maintenance and weather-resistant cladding, Available in Shiplap or Open-V styles, UPVC cladding is designed for easy installation with a simple clip-together fitting system.
The range of colours and realistic wood grain finishes available means you can create a truly unique appearance, whether you want a rustic timber-effect or a crisp contemporary white finish.

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