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Internal Finishes 

All our buildings come plastered and decorated in colours of your choice as standard, along with skirting boards and laminate flooring. We can upgrade any of your walls and flooring on request. All your electrical cables, pipes and services will be hidden behind our specially designed panel system. We can also add reinforcements to your ceiling or walls to ensure that any items over 20kg will hang with peace of mind that they are structurally stable. 


We know you want you garden room to feel like a home from home so we put extra effort into designing all the internal finishes around you such as sockets, switches and lighting fitment colours and materials. We only use the best products when finishing the internal walls and floors to ensure that they have a life time expectancy of over 10 years. We do offer optional affordable yearly service packages for your building that include building external checks to ensure no damage has occurred over the previous year. Foundation monitoring, door seal checks, internal refurb such as the repair of skirting boards from kick marks and walls from scuffs or scrapes. Our buildings are designed to last a life time so we want to make sure that your time owning the building is as pleasurable as possible.    

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