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6 Reasons To Get A Garden Home Office

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Working from home full time or part time is becoming more common and it is no wonder sales are up for insulated garden rooms. Whether you are taking advantage of flexibility through employers or as self employed freelancer a luxury garden studio can be designed to meet your requirements and here are 6 reasons why you should get a garden office.


1 ) Extra space for less money.

Research shows that on average home owners spend from £1,600.00 per square meter on singles story extensions, £1,400.00 on loft conversions and £1,200.00 on a conservatory and this is usually before electrical applications and flooring finishes !!! Now this is where you can save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money with a garden room ranging from only £750.00 per square meter as a full fit out and eliminating the need for planning permission and building regulation alone that can cost thousands before you have even started. That's extra space in your home for less money, instant install and a 8 day build time. It a no brainier.

2) Your garden room can be built straight away

This is where garden buildings have a massive advantage over home extensions providing you stay within the guidelines of a max size of 30 square meters and keep to an overall hight of 2.5 meters. this is called permitted development meaning you can start work without the need for submitting a planning application and a building control application. You can design it exactly how you like without planning officer telling you "No" or proposal being declined and you can building when you want without notifying anybody.

3) Getting away from distractions

As we all know this is a huge factor when working from home and finding your loosing hours due to the small distractions like pets jumping over you, family members " Can we just " "will you just " and before you know it its 5pm, Talking form experience until i found another way. a garden room will give you the ideal warm and quite environment making them ideal for a home garden office.

4) They look fantastic

Not only would you be obtaining the perfect place of work but you will gain an absolutely stunning feature within your garden that nobody will fail to admire. A garden office comes with a wide range of designs and can be built completely to suit your style and budget.

5) Your commute

Urghhh dose anyone like their commute! cold winter mornings getting the train or driving to work. But actually some people love their commute, picture this you wake up and put the kettle on grab your tea or coffee and take a 10 second stroll to your warm insulated garden office not to mention the extra time in bed, that enough for me to forget the commuting.

6) Organisation

Being organised is the be all or end all in business or any work type. How often do you find yourself wondering around with paperwork or your laptop, a garden office will offer you a solution to keep everything in one contained and to maintain a health work and life style balance, once you are done lock up and don't look back till tomorrow.

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