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What is included in the price

A common question asked is what is included in the price of our buildings. All our projects are priced including VAT, all our buildings come with standard features that will make up your garden building. there is also the option to upgrade all of our buildings from doors, windows, decking, flooring and electrical systems.

This list shows all the standard features and procedures included in our building price.


steel pile or concrete pad foundations as standard.

Your building structural components

(Walls , Floor , Roof) they will be within the price.

Doors & windows

All our doors are included within the price. they can be upgraded to aluminium or hard wood. if you require more doors and windows or even to upgrade the size of the original doors the cost will be added as an optional extra.



All 1st fix and second fix electrical fitting is included. sockets , lighting , canopy lighting, heating systems and switches. we have a wide range of services that can be upgraded on your building from home cinema systems and electric showers

Site Clearance and Building Clean

The site will be cleared of any materials and your building will be cleaned thoroughly and ready for use immediately. 


Our example buildings are priced on our most popular cladding, Scandinavian redwood the price may differ if a more expensive cladding is used such as cedar or composite.

Internal finishing

Everything you would expect in your own home. Plastered and painted walls, skirting boards and laminate flooring. You can upgrade your room with kitchens, bar areas, toilets and shower rooms. The list is endless and we can help you with all your interior needs.


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