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Q. Will my cladding need treating?

We have a wide selection of cladding options available for you to choose from to suit your needs. With timber cladding there are not strict guidelines that state you must treat your timber cladding however as a company we recommend that your timber cladding is treated with clear OSMO UV protection. With timber cladding being a natural product it will go silver coloured if it is not treated every 12 months. We can offer you optional service packages that will keep your cladding and building looking new. We now offer no maintenance cladding from composite to concrete fibre board that will need zero maintenance. Whatever the use of your building we can clad it to your specific requirements.

Yearly Service  (Optional)

With all our garden buildings we offer yearly services to check important parts of your building to ensure they are up to scratch and have not had any defects over the year. We have 2 different packages.

Gold - Our gold service will consist of checking all the cladding is in good condition and no water is leaking. We will check your foundations are still in good order, door seals will be cleaned and checked, any moving components such as windows and door will be oiled and all your services will be checked.

Gold Plus - We will recondition any damages that have occurred to paint work and skirting boards. 12month Clear OSMO UV protection will be applied, decking will be cleaned and restored, guttering and roof components will be cleared and checked for any possible damage. 

These services will help with ensuring your building will last a lifetime. 

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